Rachel is a phenomenal artist, seamstress, and a woman of prayer.  Not only is she a joy to work with, but her desire for beauty and reverence in the liturgy shines forth in her work.  If you have an idea, she can create it.  If you’re looking for high quality, affordable vestments, look no further!
—Fr. Mark Bentz, Archdiocese of Portland in Oregon


You have been such a pleasure to work with and you deserve many blessings from God!! Now I know why Fr. Matt speaks so highly of you!!…I just got back from a visit in Lebanon and was able to see the chasuble and stole you made. Oh my, how BEAUTIFUL!! You are truly talented and I am so glad and thankful it was possible for you to make that for Fr. Matt. He will love it!  He returns from Italy for good on June 30th. Thank you soooo much again for all your time and talent you shared with us and we wish you a future filled with love, happiness and God’s blessings!!
—Marianne Shanks, client, and aunt of a priest in the Archdiocese of Portland


In all honesty, as I scoured the internet for 2 hours the other day…your Stella Maris is the most beautiful one I’ve seen…
—Fr. Matthew Libra, Archdiocese of Portland in Oregon

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