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Testimonials2As Joseph Conrad once wrote, “A work that aspires, however humbly, to the condition of art should carry its justification in every line.” I believe that is the case whether it’s a line in ink, or in a thread of gold. We hunger for the kind of beauty that lifts the mind and heart to God in a simple movement.

I also believe that the beautiful is, as Victor Hugo said, “as useful as the useful.” Custom designed and handcrafted liturgical garments of beauty and meaning are at the heart of my work. Using traditional fabrics, such as silks and silk brocades or the more modern blends, it is my hope that each vestment or parament will be a work rich in symbolism and detail. Inspired both by stained glass work and the work of William Morris, my vestments are intended as a small contribution to the tradition of great beauty in liturgical liturgical design and embroidery.

We no longer dare to believe in beauty…We can be sure that whoever sneers at her name, as if she were the ornament of a bourgeois past, whether he admits it or not, can no longer pray and soon will no longer be able to love.

     —Hans Urs von Balthasar


Beauty will save the world.
      —Fyodor Dostoevsky

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