Marian Vestment Set from 2012


In 2012 I had the honor of making a Marian vestment set for a newly-ordained priest on the east coast, since the seamstress who originally make his vestments was in a time of transition and was unable to do so.

I heard from her wonderful things about this young (then) deacon, and knew that he was going to be “one of those” ~ those very special priests that we’re lucky to have. Father Frederick graciously sent me some pictures of him in the Marian chasuble. It was Father Frederick, and his former seamstress, that first introduced me to M. Perkins and Son with their beautiful brocades and damasks.

The Marian Set is made of a St Margaret’s white brocade, and a blue banding that Fr. Fred had bought in Italy  He had requested a certain pre-made Marian emblem (the back emblem), and I designed and made an Ave Maria emblem for the  front.

Thank you, Father Frederick, for sharing!

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