On Vestments, from a parish bulletin

Recently my grandfather sent me an article written by his pastor, Father Mark Bentz of St. Pius X in Portland, an incredibly intelligent and vibrant young priest. Father Mark shared the article to help answer the many questions his parishioners had regarding the symbolism of vestments—and they had apparent curiosity about his, in particular.

A couple of elements really stand out when you see Father Mark’s vestments: several of the sets that I made for him are in the “Latin” rather than the “Gothic” style, the Latin style being far less commonly seen now; and secondly, he uses a maniple.

Father Mark graciously gave me permission to link to his article from the parish bulletin of St. Pius X, December 2013, which has a wonderfully clear and succinct outline of the history, purpose, and symbolism of liturgical vesture.

Fr. Mark Bentz on Vestments, from the Pius X parish bulletin of 12-13-13

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