Welcome to my new Vestments page!

Thank you so much for stopping by the new Catholic Liturgical Vestments page.

This last January 1st marked ten years since I started my little sewing business (Silverlode Needlecraft, originally making solely Irish dance dresses), and it has been such a pleasure and honor to be going more and more in the direction of making liturgical vestments, which I’ve wanted to do since I started sewing seriously.

Though 2013 was a difficult year in many ways, it ended up being thoroughly a blessing: being able to finish my “Mystical Rose” vestment set, which was purchased by a very dear friend as a gift to a priest of the Portland archdiocese; I made a violet set for another very inspiring priest who has become a wonderful friend; and I had the honor of making a white set for His Excellency the Archbishop of Portland.

In my family, we all support each other in our various creative endeavors, but my friends and family—immediate and extended—have gone far, far above and beyond the call of duty to support me with time and love and energy in doing the vestment work.

Many thanks to my amazing uncle, Steve Murphy, for all of his invaluable help and guidance throughout this new endeavor. To my amazing aunts, Anne, Carol, and Kate, for all of your work and encouragement ~ thank you, thank you! Thanks to my dad, Daniel Murphy, for all the time (SO much time!) spent helping me out, and to my mom, Debra Murphy, for the hours upon hours spent building this beautiful website. And thanks to my simply brilliant brother Liam for all of your web-savvy help!

A huge thanks to my dear friends Scott, Denise, Barb, and Kimberly for being supportive in more ways than I can count, nor ever repay. And to my dear friends Father Matt Libra, Father Mark Bentz, and Father Theodore Lange for their kindness, friendship, prayers, and support over the years.

God is good indeed, and I only hope I can be worthier of the work.

Love and blessings for the coming year! And thank you for your prayers!

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  1. Kevin

    This is worthy and gorgeous work! I can’t wait to see some of these beautiful pieces “in-person” during a mass celebration.

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