“Passionflower” Violet Vestment Set

This five-piece violet vestment set was made for a wonderful priest in the Archdiocese of Portland. The base fabric is a beautiful “Ely” brocade from M. Perkins & Son, and it is lined in a striking purple-gold silk.

The idea for the symbolism, which is particularly appropriate for Advent/Lent, was inspired by the so-called “Passion flower,” rich in symbolism, which I’ve combined with the Chi Rho for the emblem design.

I’ll quote here from an old book on Church Symbolism by F. R. Webber (1927):

“The flower is said to contain all the symbols of the Passion. It’s central column represents the column of the Scourging. The ovary is shaped like the hammer used to drive the nails. The three styles, each with a roughly rounded head, are the nails. There are five stamens, symbolical of the five wounds. The rays within the flower form a nimbus, symbolical of our Lord’s divine glory…”

Categories: Advent / Lent, Gothic style, and My Vestments.

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