“Unum est Necessarium” White Vestment Set

In December 2013, I had the honor of making a set of white vestments for His Excellency, the wonderful Archbishop Sample of Portland.

The inspiration for this set, which I’ve referred to as “Unum est Necessarium,” came from two coats-of-arms: that of Archbishop Sample himself, and that of another special figure, the Venerable Frederic Baraga, who also had also been Bishop of Marquette. Many thanks to a dear priest friend who thought of including something related to the Venerable Bishop Baraga. Elements of both coats-of-arms came into play in the design of the emblems: the IHS symbol, the fleurs-de-lys, the cross and anchor. The phrase “Unum Est Necessarium”—“One Thing Necessary”—of Bishop Baraga combines beautifully with the motto of Archbishop Sample: “Vultum Christi Contemplari”: “To Contemplate the Face of Christ”.

It was a joy to work with the beautiful materials from M. Perkins and Son. The base fabric is their “Glastonbury” yarn-dyed brocade, with their gold “St. Dominic” orphrey banding in the St. Andrew’s Cross style. The lining is an antique gold silk. The chasuble and chalice veil are bound with a hand-finished binding. Designed by Rachel, 2013.


Categories: Gothic style, My Vestments, and Solemnities / Feasts.


  1. Denise

    Beautiful work, Rachel!!! I love the cross & anchor and the fleurs de lys combined with IHS. I’m sure the Archbishop loves it. 🙂

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