Christ Pantocrator in Red

For some time now, I’d been wanting to use this beautiful back emblem that I purchased from a former vestment-maker, who had purchased it from Istok. (They have some amazingly beautiful fabrics and emblems!) The image is of “Christ Pantocrator” (also spelled “Pantokrator” ~ “Almighty” or “Ruler of All”).

The base fabric is the beautiful English Glastonbury” yarn-dyed brocade offered by M. Perkins and Son, in red, with their “St. Dominic” orphrey banding in gold, in the St. Andrew’s Cross style. The lining is an “Antique Gold” dupioni silk.

Measurements are as follows: Chasuble front (from neck opening): 44.5″ Chasuble back (from neck opening): 48″ Chasuble side seam (down arm, from neck opening): 22.75″ Chasuble width at widest point: 50″ 1/2 Stole length, from center seam at neck: 51″ (optional: can add fringe for an approximate extra 2″ in length on each side) The chasuble/stole set is finished and ready to ship.

I’m also most happy to make any additional pieces (burse, maniple, chalice veil) if requested; but this will require some additional time. Feel free to contact Rachel with any questions!

Categories: Gothic style, My Vestments, and Passion / Martyrs.

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