“Mystical Rose” Vestment Set

Just in time for the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary, I am posting what has been a passion project, long postponed ~ a four-piece Marian vestment set with the theme of Mary under her title as “Mystical Rose.”


Blue, besides being the traditional color honoring Mary, has another significance for roses: a “blue rose” is held to symbolize a mystery, or unattainable love. (How wonderful that it IS actually attainable, though not I daresay without her help…)

The rose emblem was designed exquisitely by my brother John.

The base fabric is a liturgical metallic acetate, and the lining is “Canterbury” blue dupioni silk. The orphrey banding is the blue-gold St. Dominic’s banding from M. Perkins and Son in England.

For further questions about this set, or to inquire about purchase, please contact me.


Categories: Gothic style, Marian, My Vestments, and Special Occasions & Paraments.


  1. Daniel

    DROP-DEAD GORGEOUS! I’ll route this BEAUTIFUL display to others. Wow. Rachel, you are amazingly gifted in every dimension of this work–the design, the execution . . . not to mention the love that accompanies every stitch.

  2. Kevin

    I can’t think of interjections enough to do justice to the artistry and incredible technique of this work! This is the kind of Beauty that does justice to what the Church and faith represents.

  3. Dee Anne Everson

    Wow such beauty makes one wonder and wander the difference between mystical and magical. These are truly, deeply, richly beautiful. Your work is a beautiful offering.

  4. kathy Bryon

    Creative and incredible; bold and subtle; precious and beautiful; you make me appreciate the importance of color, stitching and texture to celebrate rituals that offer great meaning.
    What a treat to our eyes and minds.

  5. max

    “Just a little seamstress who loves creating little works of beauty and meaning” I thoroughly disagree with this statement, you may be little and you may be a seamstress but your eye for design, style and your sheer ability makes you vast and expert. I am inspired by your modesty (inherently you would be, because of the true ability you possess as an artist/craftswoman, and you would be your own worst critic) never the less this work of art is unfathomable and far out of reach for my self striving to call myself an artist, and a semi fluent person in the craft world. Im excited to see more!!!

    • Wow, thank you so very much, Max! (I suppose I did use “little” one too many times, too…) thank you so very much for stopping by, and I will certainly be posting more in the coming month!

  6. Arnold

    High craftsmanship seems at times to be a dying art form but it is a genuine pleasure to see it alive and well in Ashland. A friend told me that your vestments are among the most beautiful he has seen and compared their beauty to the vestments used in the Eastern churches. That is a high compliment. I wish you every success and may your work spread far and wide.

  7. Joy Dobson Way

    Rachel, I knew that you were a talented seamstress, but I had no idea that you were an amazing artist/designer/colorist, as well. These gorgeous liturgical vestments are works of art that clearly demonstrate your love and devotion to their ultimate form and function. I trust that somehow they will find a new home where they can be used and admired for their holy purpose. Best, Joy

  8. Name *

    Whoa… that’s simply STUNNING! What AMAZING work you do Rachel. I don’t know how you do it, but it’s clearly a gift and something you must be at the top of your industry art/craft in. There are not enough beautiful words to try to describe the awe-struck look on my face when I see what you can accomplish. ASTOUNDING!!!!

  9. Carol

    The love and care that you put into these outstandingly gorgeous vestments is clear. The designs are so unique too. You have a “God given” talent for this work. I would think it would be an honor to wear your creations. Truly beautiful!

  10. This vestment intuits me to see clearly through my third eye, the sacral chakra, the wholesome oneness of the mystical rose, Mary, the Divine Mother of the Godhead.

  11. My personal intuition:
    This vestment intuits me to see with my third eye, my sacral chakra, the wholesome oneness in the mystic rose – the most blessed Virgin Mary – Divine Mother within whom is embraced the reality of the Godhead.
    If conscious divine being has a gender, in its wholesome oneness it would naturally be feminine and masculine. i.e. the human brain has two hemispheres – the left hemisphere of the brain – masculine and the right hemisphere – feminine.

    • My personal intuition:

      This vestment intuits me to grasp the Wholsomeness of the Mystic Rose, the blessed Virgin Mary, divine Mother of the Godhead, conscious nature and conscious humanity.

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